What is better: Silicone or Saline Breast Implants

What is better for breast implants: silicone or saline? We compared the implant types to see which is best.


Saline implants are simply empty shells. They’re surgically positioned then filled with a salt-water solution. When you consider that this implant is so small when it’s placed, the incision may also be relatively small. This small cut leaves a way smaller scar.

A silicone implant is a cover or envelope containing a silicone substance. This implant calls for a larger cut for placement which leads to more scarring.


In the United States you’re going to to find that there are lots of restrictions on silicone implants. You’ll need to understand the constraints before deciding on silicone implants as many surgeons won’t give silicone breast implants.

Side Effects

Saline implants can provide you with quality effects, but you’ll also find that there is certain extra problems to think about. When you have thin tissue for example, you can also end up having a wrinkling or rippling of the implant.

Which is best?

With regards to using implants, you’ll to find that silicone implants are more used outside of the states then Saline is. They simple more realistic in appearance and in touch. On the other hand there are so many issues you could have with silicone implants for example leaking silicone.

Based on these facts it would seem saline implants are the safest choice, but there is an even safer way of getting bigger breasts without resorting to surgery.

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