Rodial Boob Job In a Bottle Gel Review

boob job in a bottleShoppers flocked to British high street shop John Lewis on the 1st of October to snap up the latest offering from cosmetics company Rodial, the “Boob Job in a Bottle”.

Claiming to boost breasts by up to half a cup size in 8 weeks many shoppers were ready to part with their cash in the hopes of getting a bigger bust quickly.

However, the product comes at a pretty hefty price tag of £125 per bottle now down to a more affordable £50 per bottle. Unfortunately, Rodial will not disclose exactly what the main ingredient of the boob job in a bottle is, only disclosing that it contains “natural chemicals”.

Reviews are mixed and there is little to no hard evidence that this product actually works for giving you a bigger cup size. What I would say is that it seems to successfully smooth and give a soft feel to breasts, judging by customer reviews.

I was dismayed to see that even on the official Rodial website, this gel was described as follows:

Used the whole bottle, no more lift than some of the £5 creams I’ve tried.

One Amazon customer expressed concern about the gels ability to work:

They’re threatening to sue UK doctor Dalia Nield for libel because she said it was “highly unlikely” that a cream could increase breast size. If it worked, why not just show the evidence instead of threatening to sue?

Rodial claim you can go up half a cup size using this gel because it affects fat cells in your breasts. Use for 56 days, they say, and you will have firmer and lifted breasts.

It sounds impressive but I have heard a lot of claims from breast enlargement products and half a cup size in 2 months doesn’t sound particularly exciting.

Is there a better alternative to Rodial boob job in a bottle?

This is not the first breast enlargement gel to be released, many have been used in the past both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Perhaps the most well known is Total Curve, a breast enlargement cream and pill combo that boasts a significant increase in your breast size in as little as 28 days. And that is clinically backed up.

With clinical studies to support these claims, it seems Total Curve may be a perfect alternative for those that want to get a bigger increase than the “Boob job in a bottle” offers whilst saving money at the same time.

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