Does hypnosis work for breast enlargement?

Many people are sceptical that hypnosis can really work for breast enlargement, so what evidence exists to prove that it works for making breasts bigger?

Research carried out in 1977, and published in the American Journal of Hypnosis, showed that 80% of participants increased their breast size when following a hypnosis program for three months.

Of course this doesn’t account for the fact that people may have put on weight during this time, causing a natural increase in cup size.

If hypnosis is to work, you really need to believe that your body is capable of following your positive affirmations about breast growth. And thats where most of us stumble. It is difficult to believe that mere words can cause a physical change to your body shape without taking action.

The verdict

We say make up your own mind whether hypnosis is right for you. If you believe it can work it can’t be harmful to give it a go.

The best option is to combine hypnosis with a breast enlargement product like Brestrogen, a breast enhancing serum that can increase your breast size by up to a cup size in just a few weeks, with pictures to prove it!

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